Interviews are a fantastic way to practice your English with natural conversation

You will learn useful British English

vocabulary and pronunciation

Useful expressions and in particular it's great for learning English vocabulary for in the garden

We will explain to you all of the humor, vocabulary, expressions, and pronunciation

 This is full of great British English vocabulary

and even pronunciation

You will improve your British vocabulary and comprehension while having fun

Will help you learn about English 

speaking culture and Christmas

In this video, you will learn English with Harry Potter and the magical sport of the Wizarding World: Quidditch! 

Today we'll learn English with Harry Potter

and the Order of the Phoenix! 

If you use these typical words from the UK, you will sound more British, just like someone in London! 

You can improve your English reading skills with an excerpt from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone! 

The video feature one of fan's favorite stories, about Professor Severus Snape

The Sorting Hat from the first movie where our characters learn which 'house' they will be in at Hogwarts!

You will learn some useful vocabulary

and improve your pronunciation 

Let's learn English with Harry Potter! We will look

at a clip featuring the famous Marauder's Map

We'll learn new vocabulary in English and pronunciation with Return to Hogwarts!